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Fit For Life is owned and operated by Elizabeth DellaPorta, a certified personal trainer and fitness coach for staff at Mass General Hospital. This award-winning athlete utilizes her 25 years of work experience in the health and fitness industry to produce superior results for her clients. This resident of Lynnfield, MA offers you services ranging from in-home personal training to group training packages.

This Boston University graduate formerly worked for Beacon Hill Athletic Club in Boston for nearly a decade, teaching sports conditioning, weight training, “power abs” (core), and agility classes. She also taught fitness classes at Bally’s, Nautilus Plus and Boston University.

With a full-time career and children, Liz understands that fitting in a healthy lifestyle is challenging. Liz’s unique approach to personal fitness coaching has gained her scores of clients throughout Boston and Newton, MA. She provides her clients with complete training at the site of their choosing, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and a genuine, caring attitude.

Liz was a competitive swimmer for seven years, breaking records in the 50- and 100-meter backstroke events in the Junior Olympics. She has been teaching group fitness training since she was 16 years old – an experience that led her to bodybuilding, fitness and figure competitions.

Liz competes in figure competitions, which emphasize muscle tone over muscle size, as well as an athletic physique, low body fat and a poised appearance. Competitors also are judged on presentation, gracefulness, confidence and professionalism.

Prior to competing in figure competitions, Liz was a fitness competitor. Fitness competitions follow the same scoring criteria as figure competitions, but also require contestants to perform routines showcasing strength, flexibility, agility, balance and endurance.

Liz’s achievements include placing first in Fitness America, and NPC (National Physique Committee) and NGA (National Gym Association) federations. She also was featured on CBS affiliate, WHDH Channel 7 sports news, after finishing first in a fitness competition.

Liz also competed in bodybuilding, which requires an extremely muscular physique. Competitors are judged on body mass, definition, proportion, symmetry and stage presence. She finished second in two NPC competitions.

Fit For Life clients also benefit from a personal trainer who is certified through the nationally-recognized AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) and ACE (American Council on Exercise). Additionally, Liz has full liability insurance and is CPR-certified.

Liz’s passion for fitness keeps her on top of current trends in the constantly evolving industry. However, she takes the most pride in showing a genuine care for her clients. Among her many clients is Boston Red Sox partner Frank Resnek.

“There is nothing more gratifying than seeing you reach your goals,” Liz said, “The most rewarding part of my job is seeing you feel better about yourself. Confidence and pride are two traits that you develop when you strive to be your best.”

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